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Featuring: Fred Wesley, Robbie Cunningham
Musicians: Fred Wesley – Trombone | Robbie Cunningham - Vocals | Lucy Kilpatrick – Piano, Organ, Clavinet | Hannon D. Lane – Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar | Edward “E J” Shaw – Bass | Ronnie Cokes – Drums | Junnie Collins – Percussion | Bill McGee – Trombone, Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Flugelbone | Rudy Faulkner, Vocals | Background Vocals - Wanda T. McGee, Joshua Hodari, Amani D. Crawley, Ashley Moody-Ellen, Lalyla Hodari, Joshua Kweli Hodari, Tyler Ellen, Kameron Crawley-McGee, Jordan Crawley-McGee, Sean Crawley-McGee, Thomasina Cunningham, Lathalia Echols, Bill McGee
Composed by: Robert L. Beaver, Jack C Hill
Published by: Bridgeport Music Inc.
Record Date: June - November 2022
Produced by: Bill McGee | Co-Produced by: Robbie Cunningham
Associate Producers: S. Bernard Owens, Aron Lee, Julius Turner, Michael Thierry, Mike Bean
Recording Engineer(s): Bill McGee, Robbie Cunningham, Rudy Faulkner, Hannon Lane, Lucy Kilpatrick | Fred Wesley recorded by Mike Bean (Alabama State University)
Mixed by: Bill McGee, Chris Valentine
Mastered by: Bill McGee, Chris Valentine