The 804 Music Group is the home of Bill McGee, Rev. Cora Harvey Armstrong, Larry Dee (RIP),  Fabian Lance and the incomparable, James Saxsmo Gates. Based in Richmond, Virginia the 804 Music Group has released Ten acclaimed CD's and is currently promoting the hot new CD, Bill McGee's - "The Tree of Life".



Bill McGee - Email:

Facebook: - Twitter: @billmcgee

Richmond, VA  - (804) 467-2707


James Saxsmo Gates - Email:


Facebook: www.facebook/saxsmo - Twitter: @saxsmo

P.O. Box 26405 - Richmond, VA 23260 - (804) 426-6305


Fabian Lance - Email:



(804) 852-9467


Cora Harvey Armstrong - Email:


(804) 363-7884


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