From the recording The Tree of Life

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Featuring: Najee, Kevin Toney, Tom Browne, Christian de Mesones, Freddie Fox
Musicians: Najee - Flute | Kevin Toney - Piano | Tom Browne - Trumpet | Freddie Fox - Guitar | Christian de Mesones – Bass | S. Bernard Owens - Keyboards, Organ, Percussion, Drum Programming, Synth Bass | Ty Onley - Drums | Bill McGee - Flugelhorn, Trumpet, Trombone, FlugelBone, Percussion
Najee appears courtesy of Shanachie Records, Kevin Toney appears courtesy of Kevin Toney Music, Tom Browne Appears Courtesy of Tom Browne Music, Freddie Fox appears courtesy of Foxhole Records, Christian “Big New York” de Mesones appears courtesy of Jennifer Valentine Music
Composed by: Laurence C. Mizell
Published by: Alruby Music Incorporated, ASCAP
Record Date: July - December 2022
Produced by: Bill McGee and S. Bernard Owens
Recording Engineer(s): Bill McGee and S. Bernard Owens
Mixed by: Christopher Valentine
Mastered by: Christopher Valentine