It's Time CD

A new chapter has emerged in the musical life of James "Saxsmo" Gates in the form of a CD, notably entitled "It's Time". "It's Time" reflects the changes that have taken place in the life of Saxsmo as well as the change in attitude which can be heard throughout each track on this incredible CD. This focused and driven attitude can especially be heard on the songs "Unlimited Chances", "A Change Within", "It's Time", "I'll Write a Song For You", "I Know What God Has Done For Me"," Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now", "Genesis" and "I'd Rather". 
"Unlimited Chances", written by Saxsmo, expresses his thankfulness to God for giving him another chance to live life and create music. During the process of recording this CD, Saxsmo was in a major car accident. His father cared for him for over two months, which allowed him to recover more quickly. This accident along with other events caused Saxsmo to realize how blessed he is to be on this earth and to be even more passionate in his resolve of completing "It's Time". When recording "Unlimited Chances", track #5, each musician (Weldon Hill, Billy Williams, & Michael Hawkins) collectively played with passion and emotion as if they'd all had the same experiences as Saxsmo.



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